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  • Your new Drum Wallet"

    This quick little video shows you how to open up and apply your new Drum Wallet to your drum of choice.

  • How to apply "The Drum Wallet"

    This video shows how easy it is to apply and remove "The Drum Wallet"! It attaches to most major brand and custom

  • Drum Wallet Demo Video

    This is a video description of my invention "The Drum Wallet" and how it works. Keeps Yoou in the Pocket!

  • 2010 Summer NAMM Xcel

    This time we're stopping by and talking shop with the boys from Xcel Sticks and The Drum Wallet.

  • 2010 Summer NAMM

    The Drum Wallet offers a way to mute your snare drum without missing a beat.

  • NAMM 2010 JR Robinson

    Mr. John "J.R." Robinson with Chad Patrick learning about The Drum Wallet at NAMM 2010.

  • NAMM 2010 Jeff Hamilton

    Jazz Great Jaff Hamilton meets "The Drum Wallet" for the very first time at NAMM 2010.

  • NAMM 2010 Cindy Blackman

    One of the world's top female rockers, Cindy Blackman meets "The Drum Wallet" at NAMM 2010.

  • NAMM 2010 Ray Luzier of KORN

    Super cool guy and KORN drummer Ray Luzier meets "The Drum Wallet" at NAMM 2010.

  • NAMM 2010 Clayton Cameron

    UCLA percussion educator and brush master, Clayton Cameron makes his own ad for The Drum Wallet.

  • NAMM 2010 Omar Hakim

    One of the most musical drummers around, and a genuinely nice guy Omar Hakim checks out The Drum Wallet.

  • D. Frazier's Drum Wallet Video

    This is a video from D. Frazier in New Hampshire calling out for help with his snare sound. Don't worry D. I got you on this one!

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